Our founder and CEO saw a disconnect between what restoration companies were billing and what they were actually getting paid.

At Net Claims Now we believe that every restoration company deserves to be more successful and have more control over their business. That is why we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you meet your goals.

We start with providing the industries only restoration invoicing services that exceed insurance approved standards. NCNinvoicing is dedicated to aligning your needs with the adjusters expectations on each invoice. It is our job to make sure that you’re billing and getting paid what the job is truly worth.

At NCN, Building the perfect invoice is only the start. NCNcollecting takes ownership of those perfect invoices and oversees the collections process so you can focus your attentions on your next job. Each of our NCNcollecting professionals have decades of restoration experience and each are seasoned adjusters. We use this adjuster to adjuster relationship to ensure the best success for all of our clients.

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Net Claims Now continues to provide a service for restoration companies that is not only top-of-the-line, but actually costs less than if the company performed their own invoices! What an amazing business model! I recommend all to at least try it for 90 days and see the difference.

Joseph Pierron

This company is awesome! It is perfect for the small business that may not be ready to purchase expensive restoration software but that needs to make a good impression on adjusters and insurance companies.

B.J. Massara Clegg

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